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Custom Embroidery Available

Some ideas for you!

I thought I would add some pictures of designs in addition to actual products that are for sale.  I've stitched out these designs for customers and would like to share them.  If you see something that you like or if it gives you an idea for something else, please email me @     

Some recent custom pillows that I've made:



Acknowledge a special day - wedding, anniversary, birth, etc - with a picture on a pillow.  Here's an example of just such a picture pillow made for a one year anniversary incorporating embroidery designs, wedding date and bride & groom's name along with their wedding picture.


Do you love Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, the Roadrunner, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, etc. to name a few characters or some other cartoon character - contact Joyce & she can make a pillow designed just for you or someone else.


Gorgeous baby pillow with Donald Duck!


"Baby" Roadrunner #1 

 "Baby" Roadrunner #2                                                   


 Eeyore in gray colors - seems to match his outlook on life!


Mickey Mouse strutting his stuff & Mickey Mouse taking a bow!

  Sponge Bob is # 1!


Here's Dagwood with one of his famous sandwiches!

  For the Fozzie Bear lover! 

  Know someone who loves one baseball team & their spouse loves another rivalry team?  They can "share" a pillow designed just for them - just like this marriage "made in heaven" with MaryBeth being a Red Sox fan & her husband, Bob, being a Yankee fan!


Pillow front ....    For the motorcycle enthusiast!   

     Pillow back



Gorgeous Poppies! These designs are breathtaking - I so enjoyed stitching them out.  

  More poppies!                                                                                         



Do you know someone who's approaching a milestone "Over the Hill" birthday? What a great way to help celebrate it!

 Dallas Cowboys custom pillow  


Lou Gehrig custom pillow 

   Mickey Mantle custom pillow


My favorite: the Fairy on the Moon!


If you like the Fairy and would like different colors used, that's always possible.  She can be put on a shirt, pillow or even made as a picture as seen below:



Lightning McQueen from Disney®'s new movie "Cars"

Welcome a new baby with his or her name, birthdate and an embroidery design.

Personalize a sports pillow for the Sports Enthusiast

Remember a special pet! We have dog designs, cat designs, horses, etc.