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Custom Embroidery Available

Our newest addition of exciting products:  "Raggedy"* dolls, Doodle Dolls*, Millie Monkey* and stuffed animals.  These are some samples of completed dolls.  If you have a specific color for hair and or clothing & would like to place an order, please send an email to:    Both Doodle Girls & Millie Monkeys are made with younger children in mind (patterns by Bit Of Whimsy)- their hair is sewn on, their faces are embroidered onto the dolls & any embellishments such as necklaces or hair ribbons can be easily removed to avoid any choking situations.

Raggedy dolls are $20.00 each. They can have shoes if you'd like - which are painted on - "Mary Jane" style.   Millie Monkeys are $18.00 each. Soon to be added:  Boo Bears and mermaids dolls. 


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        SOLD                                        Doodle Girl   $15.00


            SOLD  - Millie Monkey*            Millie Monkey*                                                         


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