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Rex is celebrating his birthday again!  He's all smiles as he shows off his new Sponge Bob & friends birthday tee shirt made just for him. Many happy returns, Rex!



We've been told by Jacob's grandmother that he's in love with Wendy of Peter Pan fame and he even blushes if he's asked about it.  His intention is to marry Wendy when he's older. "Young love" so sweet and innocent ---how very precious is that? Thanks so much for sharing Jacob's picture with us - we think he's pretty darn cute and Wendy would be one lucky girl to have Jacob for her husband!

   This young lady is a huge fan of "Hello, Kitty" as evident by her Hello, Kitty shirt while welcoming her Hello, Kitty tote that was designed specifically for her.  From her comment next to her picture, "I LOVE THIS!!", she definitely Loves her new tote!  Thanks for sharing your picture with us and your absolutely beautiful smile! What a cutie!


            Would you say Maggie is loving her new custom made ballerina/gymnastic tote designed especially for her?  It's very difficult for us to know - that HUGE smile on her face doesn't tell us!  Just kidding.  Maggie's Mom shared her thoughts with us upon receiving the tote: "Hi, Joyce!  The bag arrived today, and Maggie LOVES it!!!!!  She's been playing with it all afternoon, and you should've seen her when she realized all the panels were different.  "Look, Mommy.  There's a ballerina!  And ballet shoes!  And a gymnast!  And flowers!  And there's JEWELS!!!"  LOL.  She is absolutely in love, as am I. :) " Thanks, Michelle, for sharing your comments and terrific pictures of Maggie with her tote!

  Emily is just so thrilled with her new crayon tote and coloring book. Sitting beside her is her Dilly Dally doll that her Mom, Kerri Walters of, made for her too. Her Mom told us: "Emily loves her crayon tote! The sparkly faery fabrics are great. She's being very careful to put the crayons back after using them....what a great way to teach toddlers to clean up after themselves! Thanks so much for the wonderful tote, for being such a friendly seller and for the quick shipping too!" You're very welcome, Kerri!

     Here's Tyler again - this time he's sporting his new "Happy Birthday" shirt with a visit from Spiderman!  He's all smiles again! Hope you had a fantastic birthday, Tyler!

 Ayden seems to be checking out his recently received "Thomas the Train" crayon tote. Hope you enjoy your crayons and coloring book, Ayden.  He may become a real artist as a result! 


  Rex was all smiles celebrating his 1st birthday.  Mickey Mouse "presented" Rex with Happy Birthday balloons on his new shirt designed just for Rex.  Happy Birthday, #1, Rex, and many more!!!


Tyler happily shows off his new "Lightning McQueen" polo shirt designed just for him.  We're told  "HE LOVED IT".  That's great, Tyler! Thanks for sharing your picture.

Laurie is an artist and received her custom pillow from her sister.  From her smile it looks like she's really likes her gift. Thanks for the picture, Laurie!

  Toby is a Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiast & received this custom pillow from his Aunt for Christmas.  You know the expression - "a picture is worth a thousand words"?... sure does look like it with Toby.  Glad you're enjoying your gift!


This pillow was designed for MaryBeth & Bob - definitely a "marriage made in Heaven" as MaryBeth is a Red Sox fan & Bob is a NY Yankees fan.  MaryBeth's sister, Ginny of, wanted to help them celebrate their anniversary by challenging Joyce to design a pillow just for them.  This is the end result which she told us:  "They love it!".


Another happy customer - the grandaughter of one of our customers.  Isn't she adorable?  She celebrated her 1st Easter in 2006 with her new baby "designer" purse!  We're very happy to see that great big smile on her face as she shows off her new Easter outfit with matching purse. 



Here we have a two very happy recipients of our customized totes for Christmas 2005.  The "I Love Lucy" tote is one of a kind and from the big smile on her face, we can tell she's going to enjoy it!                                                                  


Our 2nd lady enjoys her "Scottie" dog tote.  She's told us she loves using it to carry library books home to read. 


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