Pleasing Pillows-Plus®

Custom Embroidery Available

Embroidery Designs we use to create products for you!

Below you will find our extensive list of embroidery designs available for our use in stitching them on products we make.  These designs are NOT for resale to anyone. They are for the sole use of Pleasing Pillow-Plus in creating products for you! Please do not ask us to sell these designs to you.

101 Dalmatians Frogs Peter Rabbit
51 States Furby Pillsbury Doughboy
A Bugs Life Gardening Pink Panther
Ad Moorehead Garfield Pinocchio
Aladdin Girl Power Pocahontas
Aliens & Space Grinch Pocket Pals
Aristocats Groovy Fifties & Sixties Pokemon
Babe Halloween Popeye
Baby Mickey & Friends Harley Davidson Power Puff Girls
Bambi Harry Potter Precious Moments
Baseball Hello Kitty Raggedy Ann
Beauty & The Beast Holidays - Misc Redwork
Beanie Babies Hot Air Balloons Religious 
Betty Boop Hunch Back of Notre Dame Simpsons
Birds & Birdhouses Incredible Hulk Rocking Horses
Blondie Incredibles Rocky & Bullwinkle
Blues Clues Indian Stuff Rugrats
Bob the Builder Jay Jay Sayings
Bozo Jetsons School
Bratz Jimmy Neutron Scooby Doo
Brother Bear Jungle Book Sesame Street
Bugs Kellogg Kids Shrek
Camelot Lady & The Tramp Smurfs
Campbell Kids Land Before Time Snow White
Candy Lilo & Stitch Soda Pop
Car Logos Lion King South Park
Care Bears Little Kids 2 Spiderman
Carnival Little Mermaid Spirit
Carousel Horses Looney Tunes Sponge Bob
Cats & Dogs Looney Tunes Babies Star Wars
Cherished Teddies Looney Tunes Christmas Stick People 
Chinese & Japanese Designs Looney Tunes Halloween Strawberry Shortcake
Chip & Dale Looney Tunes Valentines Stuart Little
Cinderella Martial Arts Super Heroes*
Circus Masks Suzy Zoo
Classic Cars Maxine Tarzan
Classic Mickey-Minnie Mickey & Friends Teddy Bears
Clifford the Big Red Dog Mickey Christmas Teletubbies 
Curious George Military  The Lion Kind
Days of the Week Minnie Mouse The Little Mermaid
Dennis The Menace Monkeys The Wild Thornberrys
Digimon Monster, Inc The Wizard of Oz
Disney Babies-ABCs Months of Year Thomas the Train
Disney's "Cars"   Mr. Potato Head Tom & Jerry
Disney Cruise Lines Mrs. Mouse Tonka
Disney Princess Mulan Tools & Equipment
Dogs, Cats & Pets  Muppets Toy Story
Donald Duck Musical Trademarks
DORA the Explorer  My Little Pony Trains
Dr. Seuss NASCAR Transportations
DragonBall Z NBA Under the Sea
Dragons NFL Various Animals & Birds
Dreamsicle NHL  Vintage Cars
Dumbo Nintendo Wolves
Easter Noah's Ark Wedding
Elvis Noddy Western - Horses
Fairies   Novelty Casino Wild Animals
Farm Occupational  Windmills
Felix the Cat Ocean, Boats & Lighthouses Winnie the Pooh & Friends
Finding Nemo Old McDonald WNBA
Flags Paddington Bear Woody Woodpecker
Flintstones Paris (French) designs Yu-Gi-Oh
Flowers Patriotic Ziggy
Forever Friends Bears Peanuts Zodiac
Fox & Hound Peter Pan & Tinkerbelle * Super Heroes include Superman, Supergirl, Batman & Robin!