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Jewelry Creations by Chris!

My son, Chris, decided 3 years ago to start making jewelry.  He got a magazine subscription from a friend and that "got the ball rolling" for him.  After looking at jewelry designs and "how to" instructions in the magazine, he decided to give it a try.  I'm extremely happy to say that he is creating some absolutely beautiful and breath taking products -- and I'm not just saying that because I'm his Mother!!  He definitely got his talent from his grandmother, my mother, Jean Allen (she passed away in 2001).

Here are some of his creations -- if you are interested in purchasing any of them or would like to put in a custom order, please let me know.  For a bracelet, he would need the wrist size & color beads you would like.  Estimated time to receive your purchase can take up to 6-8 weeks due to custom fit and colors wanted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



Hand Crocheted!  3 strand necklace - gold clasp     $50.00     


Matching bracelet & earrings    $34.00

Purchase all 3 pieces for discounted price of $79.00!



Crocheted necklace - Chris used pale pink & blue

seed beads & highlighted the necklace with a sterling silver heart charm

with a pink jewel focal point.    $40.00

A variety of beads were used on this bracelet.    $27.00


Hand crocheted - tan and gold seed beads.  $25.00


Hand crocheted lilac beads entwined with tan seed beads.  $27.00 SOLD      


Black onyx beads crocheted with white seed beads.  $27.00 


Flat cuff bracelet - center piece focal point is Chris' own design!  It's a definite ONE of a KIND$45.00  SOLD



Fresh water pearls (electric blue color) with white seed beads. $27.00 SOLD



These earrings have the same freshwater pearls as the bracelet above. $9.00 SOLD



Hand crocheted necklace with intricate "wheel" designs focal.  $35.00  SOLD


Hand crocheted light turquoise & darker turquoise seed beads. $25.00  SOLD



Hand crocheted as previous bracelet but with larger accent beads.  $26.00 SOLD


 Chris' 1st flat cuff bracelet - awesome design!  $40.00  SOLD