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Custom Embroidery Available

Because Joyce of Pleasing Pillows-Plus only participates in Fall craft fairs, she is working year round on creating as many products as possible to provide her customers with a variety of fall choices - including Halloween and Christmas things. She's had a number of people out of state, who aren't able to attend the craft fairs she's in, inquire about products she makes for Christmas, so she decided it's time to post some pictures of items she's made specifically for the Christmas season.  If you see something here that you'd like made for you, please email her:    Thanks!


"Bobble Head" snowman on a rusty spring  $30.00

Fun centerpiece



"Cozy Friends"  $18.00   Cute door decoration.



"Ice Skates for Rent"  $32.00 

A great door decoration.



"Santa's Mitten" with mouse & tea light $26.00

Great as a door decoration, too!


 "Mr. Christmas"   $30.00

Cute window or table decoration.



"Snow Pops"  $6.00 each

Cute Christmas tree decoration.

"Snooping Dog"  $29.00

If you have a dog anything like ours, she would be sticking her head in a Christmas stocking looking for treats! 

Christmas/winter mice

Please note - mice & mice scenes are NOT toys and are not intended for children.

They are strictly for decoration purposes only.


 Lg. mouse w/lantern & Christmas tree $22.00

Mr. Mouse got up early before morning's light to get a Christmas tree for his family. 

He took his trusty lantern to light the way.


 Mama Mouse/w baby - Letter to Santa $30.00

Baby mouse is mailing her Christmas wishes to Santa.